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Professional Development
We are dedicated to providing training and development opportunities for teachers, volunteers and coaches.

Through our PEPAS cluster groups we provide a range of quality training and development opportunities for teachers, volunteers and sports coaches. Active Schools provides information, training and support to all volunteers which allows for the continued development and success of all our programmes.  

Training and development is crucial to the development of our volunteers, from suitable induction to new buildings and new faces, to encouraging the potential learning and growth in specific sporting areas. 

Active Schools, working with local and national partners are committed to providing amazing opportunities. We also encourage on the job training from experienced volunteers, teachers and sports club coaches.


Anyone can do it! You do not need to know about sport you only need to know about children. If you like working with children and are enthusiastic we would be delighted to hear from you. Training and support are provided, and you would have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience and often qualifications.


For those in secondary school we can offer access to many courses which can develop personal and practical skills and can achieve experience and often qualifications. This is done through our leadership programmes – Sports Leadership Academy and Young Ambassadors. 


Empowering staff to be confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers can ensure children engage in a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and sport. Development opportunities can include: Football workshops, cricket workshops, Netball Getting Started, Fun Fitness course and many more. 

Please contact your Active Schools Coordinator for more information.

We are working on a calendar of training opportunities, please check back soon.