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About Us

Active Schools aims to provide more and higher quality opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity before school, during lunchtime & after school and develop effective pathways between schools and community sports clubs.

We strive to ensure that physical activity and sporting opportunities within schools are inclusive and accessible to all children. We work closely with a range of partners to overcome barriers to participation and encourage more school-aged children to be more active.  

The Active Schools coordinators have a key role in developing a network of volunteers to deliver activity sessions. These volunteers consist of teachers, parents, school staff, students, sports coaches and senior pupils who are central to the success of Active Schools.

Young people make a valuable contribution as leaders in sport and Active Schools coordinators provide leadership opportunities across a range of roles and support young people throughout their leadership journey.


How can Active Schools support your school?

Active Schools Co-ordinators can support schools in many ways such as: 

  • Recruit a network of volunteers to support a range of sports and physical activity opportunities.
  • Support staff and volunteer training and provide ongoing support with their coaching and delivery, to ensure we provide high quality opportunities for our children and young people.
  • Help with promotion and encourage children and young people to take part in sport and physical activity.
  • Identify gaps in provision and support schools to increase opportunities in these areas.
  • Develop young leaders in sport and provide them with high quality placement opportunities and mentorship.
  • Support children and young people who are disadvantaged and provide appropriate opportunities and encouragement for them to take part in sport and physical activity.

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