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Cashback Rugby Programme
Cashback Rugby Programme - Braeview Academy

We are delighted to announce that Active Schools Dundee are working in Partnership with Scottish Rugby, Dundee Rugby and Braeview Cluster schools to deliver the Cashback 2021-2023 initiative.  

Like all Cashback programmes, we will aim to increase confidence, resilience and the skillsets of our young workforce to increase employability as well as personal development. 

Short-term outcomes 

  • Young people build their confidence and resilience, benefit from strengthened support networks and reduce risk taking behaviours.
  • Young people develop their personal and/or physical skills
  • Young people participate in activity which improves their learning,  employability and employment options (positive destinations) 
  • Young people’s health and wellbeing improves
  • Young people contribute positively to their communities.

For more information in the Cashback Rugby programme, please click on the documents below. 


Aims & priorities, partners –See PDF attached???