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Competitions and Events
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Providing quality school sport competitions and events that provide a pathway to further participation

The Active Schools team aims to work with local partners to deliver a School sport competitions programme, designed to impact on all children and young people in secondary and ASN schools. We aim to have events universally available to all children and young people between the ages 12 – 18 years, with benefits to those in upper Primary school and including those who share the protected characteristics. A strong driver for local programmes is engaging young people that may not otherwise participate in regional and national competition (i.e. focus on intra & inter school opportunities).

The Dundee Active Schools team are working towards the following objectives:

  • Increased depth of children and young people participating in regular competitive school sport
  • Clear & accessible progressive competition structures
  • Growth in volunteers, coaches and officials supporting school sport
  • Sustainable local infrastructure resulting in increased ownership of school sport across stakeholders

Intra School

Active Schools will support schools to provide Intra-school competitions and events. Providing children and young people with the opportunities to compete against other children within their own school.


Inter School

Competitive Events

We work in partnership with Dundee Schools to deliver Inter-school competitions where individuals and teams are selected to represent their schools against other local schools in competitions within Dundee. The winning teams progressing to various regional competition opportunities including Fun in Athletics, Giant Heptathlon and Scottish Hockey Schools Cup.

We aim for our events to be inclusive, but in addition there are many events organised specifically for children and young people with physical, visual, hearing or learning disability. These events are linked to a pathway of events organised by Scottish Disability Sport.


Festival events are a series of non-competitive friendly matches, fun games or skill-based activities with no scores collected. These events are aimed at being very inclusive and focus on the fun of taking part in sport and physical activity, often out with the school setting.


Dundee Secondary Schools Competitions

In the 2019/20 session prior to lockdown, we had over 1,100 participants taking part in our Secondary School Sport competitions programme accounting for more than 2,000 appearances. This made up 173 teams who competed in competitions representing their school in 62 events throughout the academic year.

The Dundee School Sports Association is a partnership group made up of PE teachers from Dundee Secondary Schools, Active Schools Coordinators and various members of school staff from across the city. It has been exciting to see this group grow over the years, and they now annually plan the competitions structure to meet the needs of the pupils in Dundee.


Active Schools values the contributions by all those involved in making our events a safe, enjoyable environment for children to take part in sport. We expect everyone attending our events to maintain respect for the rules, officials, opponents, teammates and themselves.

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