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The Dundee Active Schools team are keen to ensure physical activity levels are maintained at a time when children’s lifestyles could easily become more sedentary.  In order to support our pupils to stay active, we have developed an Olympic Games resource pack which includes links to web-based resources and 8 sessions of Olympic Games sports. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the festival of sport taking place in Japan in July & August.

Your Active Schools Co-ordinator will be looking to support Primary Schools with the delivery of this programme to P4 & 5 pupils, until the 17th May.  After this date our focus will return to supporting the restart of outdoor school sport clubs.  


Recovery Planning - Path to Participation

Active Schools is working with Schools and Education to support the restart of outdoor sport and physical activity clubs in schools.  As of the 26th April 2021 school staff are able re-start extra-curricular sports clubs followed by external deliverers (volunteers and coaches) from the 17th May.  We understand that getting schools back up and running is the priority and there may be other factors that may effect the re-start of sports clubs, such as staggered starts/finish times and cleaning schedules. We will work with schools and the Children and Families Service to review the situation and provide further updates.


Supporting Schools, Coaches, and Volunteers 

In preparation for the re-start of school sport in our schools, Dundee Active Schools have created an infographic (path to participation) road map for the safe return of sports clubs. We have also provided some guidance for schools, coaches/volunteers, and parents/participants.  Please download the guidance below.   In addition to this guidance, we will follow all National Governing Body Guidance inline with the Scottish Government phases. 


Over the coming months, we will work with our 600 volunteers, teachers, and club coaches to support them back into sport.  We will provide online training, risk assessments, and ongoing support with the aim of keeping everyone safe.  


Local Community Sports Clubs and Partners   

Any local sports clubs or partners looking to contact schools should contact their Active Schools Co-ordinator in the first instance.  Please click here for contact information. 


We're here to help young people feel healthy, happy, and confident through the provision of fun and fulfilling school sports clubs, competitions, leadership programs, and holiday camps and will endeavour to set up opportunities when it is safe to do so. 


Guidance documents for schools have been sent out to all schools. 


Click here for the Path 2 Participation guidance.