Young Ambassador

As an ambassador you will have a friendly and kind approach towards others and will encourage young people in your school to be involved in school sport and leadership. Being an ambassador is a socially rewarding role as you will get to talk to a lot of young people and help them get involved in school sport activates. As an ambassador you can attend your school’s sport activities and take feedback, you can organise presentations to promote sport and active lifestyle.


As a Young Ambassador I will:


- Promote sports and physical activity opportunities

- Recruit peers to volunteer in sport

- Lead, support and empower other young people in sport


What skills will I develop?


- Leadership skills

- Communication skills

- Coaching skills

- Public skills


How to apply?


1. Carefully and clearly fill in the application form and make sure your parent / carer signs the consent box

2. Return the completed application by 5pm on Friday 3rd April 2015


N.B. You will receive an email informing you whether or not you have been invited to attend the workshop / interview day in May. The email will tell you what you need to prepare for that day.