Sportscotland School Sports Awards


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The sportscotland School Sport Award is a national award scheme for physical education (PE) and school sport that encourages schools to self reflect and continuously improve. The Award puts young people at the forefront of the decision making and planning of PE and sport in their school. The Award will support schools to create a positive ethos for PE and sport and increase young peoples’ opportunities and engagement.


The School Sport Award will also nationally recognise and celebrate successful PE & school sport models. #SchoolSportAward


Why should your school get involved?

The sportscotland School Sport Award provides schools with the following benefits:

  • Access to an online self assessment tool to help identify your current strengths and any areas for improvement in PE & school sport
  • Access to a development plan template to help identify actions and steps towards improving any areas of weakness
  • The opportunity to achieve national recognition through applying for a Bronze, Silver or Gold sportscotland School Sport Award.



The application process is now open for 2015/16, see details below and follow our application process guidelines for more information on how to apply.



• Set up your school sport committee
• Register your school on the School Sport Award website
• Access the online self assessment tool



• Complete an initial self assessment using the online
assessment tool.
• Use your first completed self assessment as your initial
benchmark – no one external will see or share your
schools score at this stage
• Complete a development plan


• Once all actions detailed in your development plan are
complete you can then complete a final assessment
• Your award score and assessment answers will determine
which School Sport Award you will be eligible to apply for
• All schools must apply for their School Sport Award
before 30 June 2016