SCQF Level 5 Award Sports Leadership

The sport leadership course is fun and fast-paced! If you enjoy playing sports or if you have some good game playing strategies, sign up! This course will not only be fun but practical as you will gain a great experience and award to take your sport career further if you wish. You will promote staying active and encourage others to take part in sport activities while making friends. This is a 30 hours course and you will spend 10 hours volunteering.


As a sport leader I will:


- Encourage others to take part in sports

- Lead or assist with sport sessions

- Make sports fun


What skills will I develop?


- Organisational skills

- Communication skills

- Leadership skills

- Problem solving skills


How to apply?


1. Carefully and clearly fill in the application form and make sure your parent / carer signs the consent box.

2. Applications will be availble in September 2016.   The course will take place in the October Holidays.


N.B. You will receive an email informing you whether or not you have been invited to attend the workshop / interview day in May. The email will tell you what you need to prepare for that day.