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Respect others in sport
Encouraging positive support for the whole team

Whether you are playing, watching, coaching or officiating we want our sporting events to be a positive and rewarding experience. In order to achieve this, we need to RESPECT others and their involvement in sport.

Promoting fair play and professionalism 

It is vital that our young people enjoy participating in school events and programmes in order to keep them engaged in sport and physical activity. Sport should be an environment where every individual feels they belong, whether it is for the chance to compete to win or striving to improve or to be in a fun and enjoyable activity with like-minded friends. 

We provide an inclusive platform for young people to excel and achieve their personal best. Ultimately, we want our children and young people to lead healthy and active lifestyles, experience various opportunities where they can express themselves, showcase their talent and compete fairly in an environment that promotes sportsmanship, professionalism and etiquette. We can all play our part in achieving this. 

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) 

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is a national training programme for coaches run by Sportscotland with the aim of creating a culture in Scottish sport where young players are developed in a positive, safe environment, where they learn to win through effort and where valuable life skills are developed. 

This CPD course is currently evolving to meet the changing needs of the sporting landscape in Scotland and with it so has the partnership with Winning Scotland Foundation. 

The latest version of the programme, PCS Plus, is due for launch in the coming months after a period of re-development. 

The final phase of testing content and developing the workforce is underway and once this is complete in it will be rolled out nationally. 

We will not be delivering courses through the traditional ‘on request approach’.  The candidate learning journey will start with four e-learning modules followed by attendance at a regional workshop where the learning comes to life.  

Look out for further updates in due course when the ‘PCS Plus’ e-learnings Go Live. 

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