St Paul's 'Miss Fits'

Over 40 girls from S1 to S6 took part in one of a variety of activities in the PE department with the support of senior sports and dance leaders, as well as staff from the wider school. With the club tag line being 'On Wednesdays we wear Pink!', all girls attending made a fantastic effort to wear some thing with pink on while taking part in swimming, netball, fitness or dance sessions. The feedback to the girls only activities has been excellent so far, with a number of happy girls confirming they will "definitely be coming back". The 'Miss Fits' leaders plan to develop their club based on the activities the girls want to take part in, so that they can continue to feel happy being active in their school. The young leaders all of whom are S4-6, have all been involved in sport and dance within their school since S1 and were keen to help their younger peers to access the opportunities that they have enjoyed since they started their secondary education.