Launch of Active Schools Secondary School Sport Competition

The Dundee Active Schools Secondary School Sport year long calendar of events was officially launched today at Dundee International Sports Centre. Active Schools is working to allow more opportunities for girls to get and stay active in sport and the launch saw more than 60 girls get involved in the S1/S2 Netball Qualifying Competition. The Secondary School Sport Competition calendar will also include girls’ football, table tennis, volleyball and many more.


The events follow the priorities of the Tayside and Fife School Comp Framework. These are that school competitions are accessible and appropriate for pupils to achieve quality learning experiences.  As well as promoting girls’ involvement in sport, Active Schools are also working within the framework to improve the profile of school sport competition across all secondary schools and are trying to increase the depth of young people participating in regular competition.


James Fenna, Active Schools Manager at Leisure and Culture Dundee said


“It is vital that young people experience all the benefits that sport has to offer and taking part in competitions is a large part of that. Active Schools is working hard to ensure that girls in particular take part in as many competitions and extra-curricular clubs throughout the year and this event is a good representation of this”


Jen Henderson, Regional School Sport Officer Tayside and Fife said


"It is important that there are competition pathways for all children to have the opportunity to engage within. It all starts in schools where children attend extra-curricular sports clubs and then have an opportunity to represent their school in competition. It is this depth of participation we want focus on. Dundee are doing a great job recognising that there is a need to engage more girls in competition and I am pleased there are many outlets available such as the schools competition netball programme which has been heavily attended."


The tournament was part of a large number of competitions which Active Schools lead on throughout Dundee to enhance the experiences of young people to compete in sport. As well as participants from Secondary Schools across Dundee, each school had a number of volunteer teachers and senior pupils supporting the launch.



Check out the pictures from the event: